AIS welcomes reportbrain to the Athens Investment Exhibition

Published on 23/02/2016 in Athens Investment Summit

AIS welcomes reportbrain to the Athens Investment Exhibition

reportbrain is the Professional Search Engine that instantly lets you search the news and create reports on anything, using next generation search engine technology.

Using exclusive technology, reportbrain reveals global relationships between organisations and people, and links results to current developments in real-time, while providing a platform for business and social information about clients, suppliers and competitors; It also provides financial data and credit scores for public and private companies, transaction information, risk ratings, current market prices, and much more.
reportbrain‘s intuitive interface enables users to quickly and efficiently communicate their insights through customisable reports and webpages.

reportbrain uses cutting-edge, proprietary technology based on NLP (Natural Language Processing), advanced Clustering methods and Named Entity Recognition (NER) algorithms. Leveraging these revolutionary technologies, reportbrain provides the most intuitive intelligence platform in the market, with more features than ever at less than half the price of other providers.

reportbrain has been built by a team of bright, diverse, creative and motivated professionals working in the United States, the United Kingdom, & Greece, with years of collective experience in computer science, mathematics, engineering, and business strategy and management.