Sotiris Lafkas: Turn-around Manager and Chief Executive Officer

Published on 23/02/2016 in Participants

Sotiris Lafkas: Turn-around Manager and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sotiris Lafkas is an experienced engineer, turn-around manager and Chief Executive Officer.

He started his career as a Plant Engineer in Peiraiki Patraiki where he was involved in new plant installations and worked in a variety of roles including production optimisation projects, production and logistics.

His next position was with Algida Ice Cream, a UL company. He broadened his experience and skills set at Algida with experience and education in sales, marketing, general management and finance.

His next position was with Germanos, where he participated in the fast growth of the store chain not only in number of stores but in volume of business per store.

He started an aquaculture company and sold to a multinational company with successful results. 

He then became Chief Executive Officer of Dodoni, turning around the business within one year and then selling it after two years achieving the targeted price.

He has also worked as turn-around manager and CEO of NIKAS.