Crete Seafront Land for Sale

Our client has 153,000 square meters of seafront land, including beach area, for sale in Crete. This land can be sold directly or contributed as part of an equity contribution to a joint venture.

The land plot for sale can build 22,000 square meters. Using “supporting space”, total building footprint can extend to 31,000 square meters, depending on the building architecture. 

Crete has attracted significant investment in hotels, even during the crisis. Sentido recently announced the purchase of 5 hotels in Greece; three of which were in Crete. A major new development has just been licensed for the eastern tip of the island. Vita Hotels has just purchased two hotels in Crete.

The land plot is located near Chania, an ancient city featuring Venetian architecture and a fortified port. Chania was founded by the Minoans and has been continually inhabited since 1200 BC. Today the city has 108,000 inhabitants.

Crete is a major tourism destination in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The island has two major airports: Chania and Heraklion. Chania is approximately 70 km driving distance from the land plot, and serves 1.5 million passengers annually. Aegean and Ryanair both have aviation bases and aircraft at Chania. Crete saw record arrivals in 2014, with charter passengers alone reaching 3.5 million. 

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This data is provided for information only and is not a recommendation nor a solicitation to purchase or invest.